Summer has come to an end

September 17, 2015

Summer has officially come to an end here in Indiana, and the fall weather has arrived! This is my favorite time of the games, marshmallow's over a fire, all the different colors of leaves, corn mazes, hot chocolate, dressing up for Halloween, hay rides...lots of fun!  

Here in Indiana, the weather and temperature changes from one extreme to the other, usually on a daily basis. Here is a funny picture from my wife of Asuka learning what Indiana weather is all about. Last weekend she was on the lake tubing in 90 degree weather, and this weekend the temperature was around 55 degrees.  

I think Asuka thoroughly enjoyed going to the lake and being out on the water. 

The addition we live in is located on a golf course, our back yard is actually part of the fairway of one of the holes. Asuka got to go golfing for the first time with Preston and my wife's brother, she mostly drove the golf cart. Here they are in our back yard.

Later on, I took her out and let her hit a few golf balls

This last weekend was very busy as usual, Friday was home coming football game.  Asuka introduced us to a friend she met at school, who is another exchange student from Taiwan, her American name is Mindy. Mindy attended the game with us.  

On Saturday, we headed to Preston's cross country meet....It was a little cold that morning!

Later that day, we took Asuka to the Grabill fair to see some local craft vendors, and to give her a taste of Amish food. She was very curious about the Amish ways. She even got to go on a horse and buggy ride.

On Sunday, our family went to help do some yard work and cleaning for a family friend who needed a little help. Asuka was a very hard worker! Our whole family pitched in that day, it was very nice seeing everyone helping out!

Future IU basketball star!

  • Beth Crager Jehl

    on September 17, 2015

    Absolutely love this blog. I look for it weekly. Great way to keep her family updated too!

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