Our first week with Asuka

August 28, 2015

Well we made it through our first week with our new student, and I think she made it through also! We exposed her to a lot of experiences and responsibilities in a very short period and she never lost her smile! We picked her up on a Thursday night, brought her home, gave her a quick tour of our house and her new bedroom. After a little conversation we said goodnight. We had a very busy day planned the next day.

On Friday morning we hit Starbucks, then took her to see her new high school and pick out her new classes. She picked out some very tough classes...I would defiantly struggle with the classes she chose! After touring the high school and practicing opening her locker, we headed to grocery store to get her some things to get her settled in...

She couldn't believe how big the grocery carts were, she took a picture of them, and explained to us that in Japan, the carts are one fourth the size than here in America. We also learned that she has a sweet tooth, she was very excited to pick out some treats in the candy isle! Later that evening we took her back to the high school to watch the first home football game of the season.

Can you spot her in the crowd:

The Baron football team won that night after a very exciting finish! It was a long day, and a late night, but very fun. The next morning, Asuka went with our cousin's for a day at the lake, I think she had a good time! 

    On Sunday, my wife took her, and the rest of our family to visit our cousin at Ball State college for the day:

    Then after a very long weekend, I think especially long for Asuka, she started her first day of American high school:

    After a full week of high school, she still managed to hold a smile! I think she is one tough, brave girl. 

    She always works hard on her homework, I can't imagine how hard school is trying to figure out what everyone is saying, and figuring out what unfamiliar words mean. My wife is very patient and loves to help her with her school work. 

    We are looking forward to an exciting year! 

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