Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 2015

Well it's been  another busy week around our household. This week was filled with cross-country meets, band practice, homework, chasing a naughty toddler around the house, and trying to grow grass at our new home. Asuka is defiantly getting a huge dose of a typical busy American household. She has experienced even more this week, and her English is getting better, it has to be very exhausting speaking a different language and trying to keep up with all the conversations going on, especially in school.  

On the way home from Preston's cross country meet, Asuka and Tucker asleep in the car, it was an early morning for both of them.

Here, after getting home late from a football game, we decided to make a snack! Asuka seemed to like smores! 

The weather here this last week has been very hot and humid, it's nice to hit the pool and cool off!

This weekend there is a celebration going on called the ACD festival. We celebrate it right in our hometown of Auburn, Indiana. A long time ago here in Auburn, there used to be a car company that would manufacture cars, and a lot of those cars are still around today. They are very beautiful cars, and our town is very proud of that history. During this week, there is a car auction, this auction and our festival is one of the biggest in the world. People come from all over to see these collector cars and some come to buy these cars! Asuka was able to see some of these happenings.

She got to sit in one too! It very loud, just a short video so you can hear how loud the car sounded.

I hope I didn't embarrass her trying to get this picture of her getting off the bus! 

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