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Getting an exchange student!

August 23, 2015

Sometime in early August we were sent a Facebook message about hosting an exchange student. We discussed this many times before but we never followed through with it. So an opportunity came up and we decided to meet with a local coordinator about there program. After she gave us some information and explained how the program works, we became very excited and committed ourselves and our family to hosting an exchange student for one academic year.

First order of business was to decide where is this student going to sleep? We had a "bonus room" in our newly built home that we decided to use for our new student. Knowing that that she is traveling here from the other side of the world, by herself, and leaving her family and friends behind for a whole school year, to live with a family she had never met,  we wanted to make her feel very welcome in our house. So we decided to start with decorating her room...

Next thing was the big arrival at the airport, so we got busy and made some welcome signs!

She has arrived!

On August 20th 2015, we headed to Ft. Wayne international airport. We had some family and friends join us for the special arrival! She landed at 9pm, and I'm not sure who was more nervous when she walked through the gate and saw all these people holding signs, her coming to live with a strange family she had never met, or us knowing we just signed up to have a another teenager live with us for a year!

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