Asuka has a Birthday in America

October 21, 2015

Asuka has experienced many things America this year, and October was no exception. Lots of fun things to experience in the fall here in Indiana.

Here she experienced our annual fall street fair, lots of rides, games, parades and food! She braved a few of the rides, some of them even went upside down! She won a lot of stuffed animals playing a game called the "mouse game". I think she won almost every time she played. 

I think one of her favorite things about this month was lots of days off school! She had a few days off for the fair, and one whole week off last week for fall break. Here are just a few things she was able to do during break.

Here she is working on some homework

She went bowling, visited a spa with my wife for a pedicure, and went to a corn maze.

This month Asuka turned 18! To celebrate, we took her to a Japanese steak house called Takaoka, very fancy here in America. 

After dinner we took her to see a very famous country singer, Miranda Lambert!

We invited lots of family over to celebrate her birthday, she got lots of presents, and lots of chocolate! 

October isn't over yet, still many more things to do, carve pumpkins and dress up for Halloween!  

We'll see you next month!

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